General Questions

+ What is Terpinator?

Terpinator is a liquid nutrient additive for flowering/fruiting plants. Terpinator has a 0-0-4 NPK Ratio. Learn more about Terpinator.

+ What does Terpinator do?

Terpinator provides the building blocks for improved terpene production and trichome production in plants, improving your plant’s ability to produce secondary compounds unique to your genetic cultivar.

+ What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are natural molecules found commonly in plant oils. Terpenes are responsible for the smells of your favorite herbs and flowers, and each terpene has a unique effect and aroma.

+ What does increased terpene production from Terpinator mean for my plants?

The terpene profile is determined by the number and concentration of Terpenes in a plant when analyzed. While some plants can absorb terpenes or esters and incorporate them into plant tissue, these may not be naturally produced by the plants. When naturally improving terpenes, one can expect more numerous, larger glandular trichome sites. The larger the capacity to carry secondary metabolites, the more the plant can produce in the presence of the necessary building blocks for terpenes. This leads to an improvement in flavor and aroma true to the genetic nature of the plant.

+ How do I raise my terpene concentration?

Terpenes and their production are genetically determined by the plant. Plants can uptake other terpenes or terpenoids if they are artificially inputted by the cultivator into the plant's system, typically with the help of additives containing terpenes from a variety of sources. While this can target certain terpenes which are desirable, it is not true to your genetic cultivar. As terpene profiles become more important in determining genetics and effects of a strain, artificially inflating a mismatched terpene could lead to an undesirable effect that is unbalanced and not true to the cultivar. Terpinator can improve your plant’s natural ability to produce terpenes by providing the building blocks for increased natural production, resulting in an increased terpene profile true to your cultivar.

+ Why Terpinator over other products?

Many other terpene enhancing or flavor enhancing products simply disguise the true nature of the plant with bio-available compounds which are absorbed into the cell structure of the plant and alter the flavor and aroma. While this does change the overall profile, it is not the true profile of the plant. Plants naturally produce terpenes, and by adding products into your regimen that enhance and facilitate this process naturally such as Terpinator, you can have the terpenoid profile unique to the cultivar you are growing reach its maximum potential.

Usage Questions

+ Can I use Terpinator for Hydroponics? Soil? Coco?

Terpinator is safe for use in all grow applications with the same feed rate.

+ How much Terpinator should I use?

Terpinator can be added during the Vegetative phase at 5mL/Gallon, and 10-30mL/Gallon during the Flowering phase. See the Terpinator Feed Chart.

+ When should I start using Terpinator?

We recommend starting Terpinator in the Vegetative phase to provide a stockpile of available compounds for use in flowering. If you are using Terpinator for flowering only, start adding Terpinator at the first signs of flower site development or when you change your light cycle. See the full feedchart.

+ How often/how much should I be using Terpinator?

Terpinator is a gentle formula that will not burn your plants when applied as directed. Terpinator is recommended to be used at each feeding, but can be fed as frequently as you water your plants.

+ Can I use Terpinator during the flush?

Terpinator can be used all the way through your flush and will not leave chemical residuals or affect the finished product in a negative way.

+ Can I use Terpinator with my Nutrient Line?

Terpinator is a neutral pH, low PPM additive that can be incorporated to any nutrient regiment with no change to your pre-existing schedule. Be sure to monitor PPM and pH to ensure they are within the desired range after adding any new nutrient to a feed.

+ Can I foliar spray Terpinator?

No, Terpinator was designed to be fed as a root drench with water and is not to be sprayed onto the leaves of the plant.

+ Is Terpinator safe for use in Deep Water Culture systems?

If you are using a hydroponic reservoir system, it’s best to clean the reservoir as frequently as once every three to five days with a sterile cleaning solution and to closely monitor for film development along the surface. Sterile reservoir systems are recommended. For specific inquiries, contact and we can help provide more detailed instruction.

+ Is Terpinator safe to use on any plant?

Terpinator is safe for use on all plants.

Detail Questions

+ Does Terpinator contain Arsenic? What about other Heavy Metals?

Terpinator does not contain heavy metals. Terpinator tests as ‘not detected’ for all heavy metals, something that many bloom enhancers cannot claim.

+ Does Terpinator contain Plant Growth Regulators (PGR’S)?

Terpinator does not contain PGR’s (Plant Growth Regulators)

+ Does Terpinator contain Triacontanol? Jasmonic Acid?

No, Terpinator does not contain these inputs. Triacontanol supplements can be used alongside Terpinator if they are a part of your regimen.

+ Where can I see a heavy metals test result for Terpinator?

The following is a link to the Fertilizer Product Information Report required by the state of Washington State Department of Agriculture The symbol < indicates that the metal was NOT FOUND at or above the minimum detection limit. If you have any other questions feel free to send an email to Click Here to View

+ You list potassium sulfate as the primary active ingredient. What else is in Terpinator?

Terpinator is a proprietary blend of organic inputs and plant extracts with an NPK Ratio of 0-0-4.

+ Will Terpinator have any effects on pH levels in my plant?

Terpinator is pH Neutral.

+ Is Terpinator Organic?

Terpinator is made from ingredients derived from naturally occurring sources. Due to Terpinator’s proprietary nature, we are unable to disclose the full list of ingredients at this time and cannot be fully certified as organic. Terpinator will not harm microbial populations, and can actually improve the activity of microbes due to the presence of sulfates in the formula.

+ What is the shelf life of Terpinator?

Terpinator will remain stable for 2 Years when sealed and stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. We recommend using Terpinator within a year of opening. Do not store in areas with an average temperature below 40 Degrees Fahrenheit. Do not Freeze.

Outreach and availability

+ Do you sell Terpinator Online? Where can I find Terpinator?

Terpinator is available in most Hydroponic Supply Stores. Contact us if you are unable to find a local retailer and we can find the closest retailer in your area that can get Terpinator to you! Terpinator is available online as well - check out this list of online retail venues.

+ Where is Terpinator Available in the US?

Visit our store locator to find a retailer near you.

+ Where can I get Wholesale Pricing on Terpinator?

If you would like to carry Terpinator in your store, please visit our distributor listing page and contact the distributor of your choice.

+ I’m not a US resident - where else is Terpinator available?

Terpinator is available in the European Union, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Please see this link and contact a distributor to find a retail location for Terpinator in these areas.

+ Who can I contact at Terpinator?

You can use our CONTACT FORM, live chat window, or our social media pages to contact us. Add us on Instagram @Terpinatoroil for contests and giveaways!