TERPINATOR® can be used during the entire life cycle of the plant.

Vegetating phases of growth: Add 5–10 ml per gallon of water.

Reproduction and fruit-set stages of growth: Add 10–30 ml per gallon of water.

TERPINATOR® won't burn and can be used with any growing media, fertilizer, or nutrient program. TERPINATOR® has a neutral pH.

Terpinator Feed Chart

Week 1 - 4 5 - 6 7 - 8 9 - 12+
Amount 5ml >10ml 15ml 25ml
  • Terpinator can be fed as frequently as every watering.

  • For deep water culture systems: change reservoir once every 3-5 days. Maintain aeration within the reservoir when using Terpinator.

  • Safe for use in all fertilizer injectors

  • Store in a cool, dry palce, away from direct sunlight

  • All measurements are per gallon of water

  • DO NOT use as a foliar spray.